Friday, 26 March 2010


Easter is, by far, the best time of the year. Not only because hot cross buns adorn every supermarket shelf, but because it is the one time of the year you can unashamedly gorge on as much chocolate as you like that if gifted to you as an easter egg, is by rights all yours and so should not be expected to be shared (I uphold this rule more than any other rule in life) No 'snap me off a bit of your egg, you've got an entire egg!' to which my reply is usually 'yes, I do have an entire egg, and i will be eating MY entire egg...*smug face follows followed by smug face in easter egg*' So yes, gorge away friends, and do not be ashamed, for you cannot be frowned upon at this time of year for your extreme greed! In fact people will look on in awe as you polish off your 6th chocolate egg for that hour! I salute you!

And I'm also told there's some religious twist to this time of year...but frankly you ask me about Easter, I'll tell you it's time to eat eggs and hot cross buns...and Jesus might have risen from the depths of a cave where he was probably eating easter eggs anyway...

So Happy Easter! And enjoy those eggs!
And also, enjoy my Easter Cake! Entitled: Lord Bunny and the 12 Apostle Bunnies (no religious references intended in that title at all...*cough*)

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  1. Oh, it look's darling! Enjoy your chocolate and Happy Easter!