Sunday, 26 September 2010


So my lovely cupcakers, this week I've had my lil' old cakes be part of a photoshoot for 'Eat your Heart Out', a strictly over 18s cakeage event in Shoreditch created by Miss Cakehead.
This was possibly my most grossest task yet as I was to make all things disgusting, vomit inducing and edible. So naturally I thought of maggoty cakes, mouldy cakes and eyeballs!
Here's some shots of 'the making of' which you can see the whole video of here (copy and paste into browser, blogger won't let me embed my motion pictures!)
Pete Fowler eating my eyeball! Never thought I'd say that...

Miss Cakehead...

My eyeballs and mouldy cakes!

Sorry if that little lot put you off your dinner :D

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