Saturday, 29 May 2010

Fish and Chips!

Don't worry, I havn't suddenly gone mad and started cooking that rare and elusive food called 'sav oury food', I'd never write about such offensive items. Why eat savoury foods when there are so many delicious sweet items to be consumed?! Savoury foods just get in the way and fill up precious shelf space where more cakes could be...
So yes! Do not fear, for of course I have not simply cooked some fish and chips, I have simply cooked cake and biscuits and shaped them in such a cunning way as to appear as Fish and Chips! So now you may sit along those strange people who eat their dinner safe in the knowledge that whilst you appear to be tucking into a wholesome plate of fish and chips, you are in fact enjoying a much more satisfactory plate of biscuit 'chips', cakey 'fish' and buttercream 'ketchup'.

My diet? Replace all savoury foods with delicious cakes and biscuits, good for the soul, not so good for that bikini body...but then that's why I'm more of a wrap myself up in a huge blanket winter kinda gal :D Besides who ever really enjoyed a lettuce leaf and asked for seconds?!

(This post is dedicated to my long standing/suffering friend Alana Schleinitz who forced me to dedicate a post to her...I hope she knows this is in place of a Birthday present...)


  1. Well, as long as it's not really fish and chips, then that's okay ;)