Saturday, 9 October 2010

Time for Tea

Now, I dislike tea, but I do love cake. So what better way to make tea taste good than to bake it in a cake?!
I have collected a vast amount of freebie flavoured teabags; not because I particularly like their flavour, but because they were free...So instead of wasting them I decided to give them a better life and show them to the cake.
I had me some vanillla tea, ordinary tea, green tea, peppermint tea and some kind of weird herby tea.
Made up some vanilla cakey mix and literally emptied a tea bag into the mix...
Also divided my mixture up into cups for all me different tea bags which the parents wern't too pleased about seeing as there were no cups left for an actual cup of tea...But sacrifices must be made in the name of cake.
Dear readers. I wish I could tell you they tasted amazing. But alas I can not tell ye a lie. They did not.
I have since realised my emptying of the tea bag into the mix was not my finest hour. Whilst the cakes did taste of the tea bags, they also had a not very pleasant grittiness to them as the tea leaves had not melted and merged with the cake as I had envisaged; not a marriage made in cakey heaven.
However! Do not think I have not consulted Cake Scientists on this matter. I have since realised that perhaps brewing the tea first with a little water to make it very strong, and simply adding the brewed tea to the mix would make the cake taste like tea but not feel like you're eating sand! Hurrah!
The worst thing about this whole exercise was seeing my father, the King of Cake Consumption, decline eating my Tea Cakes (see what I did there, 'Tea Cakes'...literally :D) And I never want to see the look of sheer disappointment upon my father's face again when faced with a cake he would not like to eat.
So dad, if you're reading this, I apologise, and I will never do such a horrendous thing to you ever again.

Mmm tea leaves...

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