Sunday, 17 October 2010

Time for Thyme

See what I did there with the title? Mind boggling.
Ok I know what you're thinking, 'Enough with the amazing play on words, give us Cake!'
May I introduce to you, Lemon and Thyme Cupcakes.
I've always wanted to bake this combination and thyme somehow found its way to my doorstep after a trechorous journey from the shelves of Sainsbury's so I figured fate obviously knew the time was right for me to bake Lemon and Thyme cupcakes...
It's basically a good ol' vanilla cake recipe with a lemon chucked in (not whole, that would taste weird...) and a handful of thyme chopped up and sprinkled in, lovely! Here is a pictoral representation of how my Lemon and Thyme cakes came into existence...
So I butchered my lemon...and beheaded my Thyme. Do you like how I make baking sound so loving and gentle?
Then for the eagle eyed among you (I hope none of you have actual eagle eyes, because I fear you would look most bizarre...but definitely one of the only people in the world with eagle eyes, so quite unique in a way...but still rather odd. I condone diversity only so much.) Anyway! The above picture is indeed of chopped up Rosemary. I apologise for deceiving you. But I did also make Lemon and Rosemary cupcakes, but that's for another post entirely, I don't want to make you too excited.

Vanilla cake mix + chopped up thyme (Ok I know it's Rosemary, but let's all pretend its Thyme! :D I know deception through Cake Photography is the worst crime one could commit, but I'm at uni, Thymeless, and had to resort to what photos I had...I only do it to bring you weekly updates of my kitchen escapades, and if that means using the odd misleading photo then I am truly sorry, but I do it all in the name of cake.)

Tudaah! They're very tasty! A really 'unique' flavour which doesn't mean they're bad! It just means they have a really nice subtle hint of lemon and a sweet hint of thyme which go really well together. Tops it off with a little lemon icing, or leave as they are because the lemon icing could be quite overpowering. The cakes are lovely and moist so leave it naked and let it work it's magic on your taste buds!

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  1. Wow, that is a unique flavor combo there, but I bet it is very good! I enjoyed reading through your back posts, especially the photo shoot. That looked like a great time! Keep blogging, people are reading!!