Monday, 11 January 2010

The Cupcakes

Tis 15:31 on a chilly Monday 'noon as I write this, and I am now 99.9% certain that my soul has been consumed by The Cupcakes, and I fear they're coming for the other .1%. So I surrender. My soul for a cupcake. Those sweet, tempting little cakes that sit so innocently in their cases, but behind their little iced facades sits a cake full of cakey evil, reeling you in, making you bake more and more until your kitchen is full of an entire cake army and before you know it you're completely outnumbered being stared at by hundreds of angry cupcakes waiting to be decorated. What could I do?! They were going to suffocate me in cake unless I promised to devote myself entirely to thinking up ways to decorate their little naked bodies. So here is my blog, my daily struggle under the evil eyes of The Cupcakes who will not let me rest until I have exhausted every ounce of my creativity and sanity creating delicious, insane and sometimes a few little novel cupcakes. Enjoy!

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