Friday, 29 January 2010

Button Biscuits!

Frasier had finished, Will and Grace had finished, even One Tree Hill had finished! So I took to my trusty iPhone to seek inspiration for what to do with myself at 10am on a Friday morn.
No I did not attempt to educate myself or find the cure for, erm, obsessive cake thoughts. I did instead think about what I could bake in 2 hours before the elderly people arrived! (Grandparents)

So, turning to my trusty cakey blog I stumbled upon a simple fun idea for biscuits! No clever flavours, no crazy complicated designs, just some colouring, a circle and 4 holes = Button Biscuits!

Now, I didn't follow the instructions to the letter, because there's a lot of waiting around in refigerating your biccy dough...resting it, rolling it etc. etc. and quite frankly I was too impatient to just get my little biscuits done and eaten!

I will however advise against the speeding of the chilling dough process by putting your biscuit dough in the freezer, then microwaving it because it did actually freeze, as I can tell you from experience you will end up with a bowl of liquidised cookie dough which unfortunately a) doesn't taste nice (all sweet related failures must be tasted in case I chance upon some taste sensation) and b) was bum all use to roll out for biscuits! So yes, don't microwave your biscuit dough basically!

Oh and also, after you've cut them out, do refigerate them, much to my annoyance, because if you bake them straight away like moi, the butter is still quite...moisty, and so burns more easily in the oven. Refigerate it for 10-15 minutes however (note I said refigerate, don't freeze) and your dough will have dried out a little and thus will not burn! Amazing isn't it.

So enough of me! Here are my Button Biscuits! (Pre-baking you'll notice, because post-baked biscuits were a little erm, tanned shall we say :D)

(If you imagine real hard, you can pretend this is actually a picture of my biscuits fresh from the oven! As opposed to the reality of my freshly baked biscuits which wern't at all burnt round the edges...)

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