Saturday, 16 January 2010

On the Run in the Costa del Sol...

Sun, Sea and Ice Cream Cakes!
'Ice Cream Cakes?!' I hear you cry! cream cakes. In a bid to fool those cunning cupcake army troops I have masqueraded my cakes in the form of ice creams! They now lurk inside cones hiding underneath a mound of Vanilla meringue icing topped off with a Flake/Sprinkles/Cherry for extra camouflage.
Approach with caution, and don't tell Mr.Whippy...

Still thinking...'But they're ice creams?!' Well my friends, let me tell ye a tale.

A simple but delicious cupcake mix is born but, as all cupcake cups are currently under surveillance, the mixture is instead placed inside a flat bottomed cone where it sits undetected by the Cupcake Army. These cones are then baked in...The Oven, a magical place where every cupcake mix aspires to end up where they can evolve into a beautiful little Cupcake.

Under the watchful eyes (Fan) of The Oven, the secret cone mix rises within its little coney house and awaits further instruction. Meanwhile, The Kitchen Aid (creator of all delicious cupcake mixes) beats up (in a loving way) the new and top secret meringue based icing which is then transferred to the glorious Piping Bag and piped upon the Cupcake Cone. Still looking a little naked, each undercover cupcake is then given a rather flash accessory being a flake, sprinkle or cherry to completely throw the Cupcake Army. Let's just hope they don't notice their lack of melting under extreme heat...

So there you have it! The Ice Cream...that's not actually an ice cream, Cake!

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