Monday, 14 June 2010

Cake as far as the eye can see...

I done a fair! I had me my little cupcake stall at my local fair and I baked a ton of cakes; over 200 to be precise...i think. 1 day solid cake baking, 1 day and night solid icing (who knew swirling buttercream on to cakes could take so long?!) Admittedly, I did bake way too many cakes after my optimistic estimation of how many people would be lured to my cakes like moths to flames. Unfortunatley everyone these days is 'watching their figure' despite my cries of 'they're low calorie!' and 'you only live once so eat as much cake as you can, when you can'.
However! Do not despair dear cake lovers, my little children/cakes did not end up in cakey heaven (the bin) I held my head high and marched off to some car boot sales to send my left overs to other homes and also pitched up down by the river to lure runners and children to my cakes for where children run to cakes, parents follow with lots of money to spend on cake :D That's why I love children. (Except for when they shout 'CAKE!' and proceed to plunge their little fists into my perfect buttercream which point I smile sweetly and pray the mother is decent enough to pay for the injured cake, I don't have the goolies to demand payment upon enthusiastic child's actions, I just hand the bruised cake to my cake depository (my dad) where it vanishes in seconds to go to a better place. (I'll leave the image of what that 'better place' might be up to you...)

SO! 'PICTURES!!!' I hear you cry! Well, I was so swamped with all that is cake this weekend that I must admit I didn't take many of the cakes actually being sold, but I do have a couple of 'in the making shots' for your enjoyment, so enjoy...
Dark chocolate melting into butter for my delicious brownies.
And I don't know what's wrong with me readers, but I didn't lick the spoon...
I think something's wrong with me.
Tudaaah! The cakes of my labours!
Blood sweat and tears went into making them (not literally, although...I'm thinking there could be an interesting flavour sensation in that...shall report back when I've drunk enough to think making cakes using my own blood, sweat and tears would be a fantastic idea)


  1. That brownie mixture looks delicious. How could you not lick the spoon? :-)

  2. It was in my brother's mouth before I could get to it :p xx