Sunday, 20 June 2010

Apple Pop!

Is it a Granny Smith on a huge stick? Nope. Is it an un-candied candy/toffee apple? Nope...because that would just be a Granny Smith on a big stick...(for those of you not familiar with what a 'Granny Smith' is, rest assured I am not referring to the act of seeking out Granny's with the second name 'Smith' and sticking said 'Granny Smith' elderly ladies on a Giant pointed stick, such acts are now frowned upon. I am in fact referring to the classic Granny Smith apple! So don't think I've taken to Granny smith hunting and spearing please, those days are behind me...

Anyway! Enough of the rambling if you've read this far and are not reporting me to the police. I have created the Apple Pop! An ingenious Cake Pop that resembles that of an apple! The tasty way to get your 5 a day!

Created using a stick, cake, buttercream, fondant and a chocolate sprinkle!