Saturday, 3 July 2010

A blast from the past!

I'm a sentimental gal at heart really, and I felt my little golf cake flew under the radar being modest as it is in the early days of what can I can only diagnose as my cupcake-mania period in life. This was one of the first cupcakes I really 'designed' so to speak that wasn't just a pretty pink swirl a'top a cupcake. And surprisingly, it was influenced by my dear ol' grandpapa who loves himself a bit o' golfing! So naturally I thought to put some chocolate golf balls and a flag on top of a cupcake.
Admiteddly, he didn't really have a clue what they were to begin with, they 'didn't have cupcakes in my day' apparently so some explaining had to be done with regards to the fact that yes its edible, no don't eat the flag, for they are just an addition to the whole brilliance of a golfing inspired cupcake...because you like golfing grandpa...stop looking confused...just eat the cake.
So yes! Welcome back dear golfing cupcake friend, you still live on in my heart and waistline...

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